Chinese Kid Falls Out of the Back of a School Minibus

America, that's why the Chinese are winning, since even their kids want to learn so bad that they are willing to chase down a bus to get to school on time.

Posted on 03/03/2012 in Accidents
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Posted June 19th, 2012

Nu nu nu! Can't miss school, bus back here! Can't miss school!


Posted March 6th, 2012

lol [s::10]


Posted March 5th, 2012

School [s::14]


Posted March 4th, 2012

[quote=126492]That was you you dumbe fuck you do it every morning [s::14][s::13]


Posted March 4th, 2012

good to see the ticker is working again! [s::15][s::15][s::15]


Posted March 4th, 2012

feck me, even stops to quickly put on his shoe.CRA+3A's ZY.


Posted March 4th, 2012

Tuck and roll Hop Sing...tuck and roll.


Posted March 3rd, 2012

That was Jacket the neighborhod retard. Im not surprised hes riding the short bus these days.


Posted March 3rd, 2012

Dopy fuck no wonder he`s bottom of the class ,he keeps landing on his head every day same corner see you tommorow dicky boy [s::13]


Posted March 3rd, 2012

Run fucker dont be late againe ,you try`d that trick yesterday[s::13]


Posted March 3rd, 2012

Love the way he ran like fuck once he`d got his bus bearings[s::14][s::13]


Posted March 3rd, 2012

Chinky eyed fucks!!!


Posted March 3rd, 2012



Posted March 3rd, 2012

Run kid run!

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Spider Nig Spider nig Everyone hates Spider nig. hates the man Swears alot Arrest that coon On the spot oh ya...everybody hates Spider nig.

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