Double Front Flip Fail Nearly Paralyzes Kid

If that was a pool he'd be Olympic-bound. Alas, he's retard-bound instead.

Posted on 11/13/2010 in Accidents
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Posted September 26th, 2011

white boys[s::18]


Posted September 10th, 2011



Posted July 26th, 2011

because theire r fuckin stupid!!!!!!


Posted June 30th, 2011



Posted June 11th, 2011

the chair


Posted May 11th, 2011

yep hes dead


Posted December 9th, 2010

ajajajaja damn [s::1]


Posted November 13th, 2010

[quote=16413]i wonder whats the IQ of a average american... they choose a black president


Posted November 13th, 2010

[quote=16413]Much like my cock fits in your mom.


Posted November 13th, 2010

[quote=16413] Isn't black college an oxymoron?

Niggers R Monkeys

Posted November 13th, 2010

average white IQ 105, average black IQ 85, average borderline retard IQ 80.... yeah this guy will fit right in at a black college.


Posted November 13th, 2010

[quote=16398]Nah yall crackers have all the mental shit. We can just say he was inbred and he will fit in with the rest of your kind.


Posted November 13th, 2010

What the fnck was he trying to land anyways? [s::8]Atleast he entertained us. [s::1]


Posted November 13th, 2010

His brain is fucked after this one so he's gonna have to go to a black school

Niggers R Monkeys

Posted November 13th, 2010

not bad, he almost landed it

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Police Officer Slams a Guy Into a Car and Punches Him in the Face

Yes! I was waiting for one of these "What did he do? He didn't do anything! Fuck You!" douchebags to get brutalized. Ah, so satisfying.

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