Girl On Longboard Suffers The Worst Faceplant Ever

Unless your name is Peter North, you should never have to witness this much destruction of a girl's face.

Posted on 05/10/2010 in Accidents
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muzziez are skum.

Posted October 30th, 2011

oh dear. face plant[s::18]


Posted August 19th, 2011

you can add longboarding while holding on to a rope thats tied to a truck to the endlessly long list of things girls suck dick at.[s::18]


Posted August 1st, 2011



Posted July 31st, 2011

ahaha ahahaha


Posted July 9th, 2011



Posted June 12th, 2011

epic epic epic epic epic fffaaaiiilllsssss


Posted April 27th, 2011



Posted April 16th, 2011

keep your ass in the kitchen stupid bitch[s::15]


Posted March 26th, 2011

Luckily her face broke her fall. [s::1]


Posted March 8th, 2011

hahahahahah bitch.[s::3]


Posted January 9th, 2011

She almost messed up that DUDES dUE![s::1]


Posted December 22nd, 2010

lol she was still going wooooo after the crash[s::1]


Posted December 3rd, 2010

whats with thats stop guys nigger hair?[s::2]


Posted November 18th, 2010

CT knocked her down!


Posted May 27th, 2010

It should have been Carrot Top.


Posted May 13th, 2010

LOL, got like curly hair ozzy on the left


Posted May 10th, 2010

[s::3][s::3][s::3]another instant classic mental zero video[s::10][s::10][s::10]


Posted May 10th, 2010

splat serves her right


Posted May 10th, 2010

She stepped off... I can't feel sympathy.


Posted May 10th, 2010


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