Man Slowly Dies After Disgustingly Graphic Car Crash

There's middle eastern beheading videos less disturbing than this. Fuck.

Posted on 02/28/2011 in Accidents
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Posted February 28th, 2013

This accident occurred in Malaysia. The victim is asking for help. "Tolong" = "Help". The guy taking the video probably assumes the victim will expire and thus keeps asking the victim to recite an Islamic prayer. I believe this accident happened in some back country road from the conversation and an ambulance would therefore take a long time to arrive on scene.


Posted January 9th, 2013

Dudes car is fucked.


Posted November 15th, 2012

While he is still alive he should ask to be saved it is his only chance. I really hope he did


Posted June 12th, 2012

Tell em large marge sent ya !


Posted February 21st, 2012

looks like he's way out in boony land, which means help ain't coming any time soon. fucking get together and help the dude or put him out of his missery.


Posted November 29th, 2011

seatbelts how many times I have to tell you "SEATBELTS "


Posted September 19th, 2011

when a body is that damaged, there is no other way than let Mister Grim reaper do the job, however i'm pretty sure he was in shock, so i don't think he could even feel much pain.


Posted August 28th, 2011

[quote=69779]But what could you do except phone for an ambulance- The guys a gonna just from watching this video. His pain must have been immense.


Posted July 14th, 2011

wawa wewa .. [s::5]


Posted June 15th, 2011

I love how when theres an accident people pull out their cameras instead of helping


Posted June 9th, 2011



Posted June 9th, 2011

when this funny vids are flagged you they good


Posted June 1st, 2011

OH BONG! this remind me of rock and roll song."I told you to walk this way." My pee pee so hard..hard as dead cat.


Posted June 1st, 2011



Posted June 1st, 2011

[quote=29679]too bad, that poor bastard wasn't you[s::4][s::14]


Posted May 22nd, 2011

Always HANDy to point to the accident


Posted March 20th, 2011

were those his guts? Damn.


Posted March 6th, 2011

holy shit dude... [s::1]

Posted March 3rd, 2011

[quote=29679][quote=29679]10,000 years of unchecked White world domination, White people have murdered more colored fuckers then you could ever count.FUCK 100 YEARS AGO YOU WHERE PICKING FUCKING COTTON,GODDAMN WOMEN RAPING, CRACK SMOKING ,HIV INFECTED SPOOK MOTHERFUCKERS.


Posted March 1st, 2011

Damn that was rad!


Posted March 1st, 2011

That will teach him for being black. Just KIDDING!!!! poor nigger.


Posted February 28th, 2011

[quote=29643]1 video of nigger for 20 vids of white ppl being savagely raped by them, HAHAHAHAHAYour redneck brother was raping a horse so i showed up and raped him from behind!!That will teach him to be normal


Posted February 28th, 2011

Id still fuck em


Posted February 28th, 2011

yep, hes fucked.


Posted February 28th, 2011

a nigger in pain and suffering? this is the video of the year! bookmarked!!


Posted February 28th, 2011

mucha mucha mucha mucha

chilln like a villian

Posted February 28th, 2011

ahhhhhh put a bandade on it


Posted February 28th, 2011

reminds me of that video about pig shredder


Posted February 28th, 2011

some put him out his misery!that sucks


Posted February 28th, 2011

[quote=29544]couldn't have said it better myself

get to fuck nigger

Posted February 28th, 2011

his sound system was playing cypress hill's insane in the mebrain (got no brain go insane) [s::1][s::1][s::1][s::1][s::1]


Posted February 28th, 2011

Poor bastard.


Posted February 28th, 2011

At 1:20 ye ye ye. I hear you


Posted February 28th, 2011

Search his wallet. Not for ID or anything, I'd just take his stuff. He won't need it any time soon.


Posted February 28th, 2011

I don't speak first man but I think he was chanting kill me kill me.


Posted February 28th, 2011

Damn, this mustve been painful as heck. Looks like he was shipping woven laundry baskets. I hope he gets well soon. [s::4]

Honky killer

Posted February 28th, 2011

Damn looks like this guy was in a hurry to get to Niggers R Honkeys Annual Pickle Puffer free for all.

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