Poor Bastard Breaks Both of his Wrists and his Face

Wow, this would suck. I hope he can masturbate with his elbows.

Posted on 02/06/2010 in Accidents
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Posted May 26th, 2012

Are you alright ?"NO YOU ASSHOLE"


Posted June 1st, 2011

it might heal if he just stops playing with it...[s::14]


Posted May 22nd, 2011

Yes i have broken wrists and i feel i am an arsehole.[s::10]


Posted April 15th, 2011



Posted April 15th, 2011

[quote=35521]and again [s::1]


Posted March 25th, 2011

Maybe he should learn to ride before he attempts to jump such a little dirt ramp at high speeds. [s::1]


Posted March 19th, 2011



Posted December 20th, 2010

No more porn comics for a while?[s::8][s::8]


Posted February 26th, 2010

"I'm king of the wo-"Famous sentance, only ever partially finished...


Posted February 12th, 2010

bagelboyposted just what the fukk good is riding a dirt bag if you dont break bones?[s::2]


Posted February 9th, 2010

he deserved it....what the fuck kind of dirt ramp was that. if your gonna dirt bike do it right


Posted February 7th, 2010



Posted February 7th, 2010

stop writing gay shit[s::6]


Posted February 6th, 2010

[s::3][s::3][s::3]the wonderful thing is he didnt die and his injuries will heal. so thank god that he still has life.[s::10][s::10][s::10]

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Poor Man Gets Stuck Under a Train

Hey, this looks like lots of fun!

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