Awesome Advertisement Pretty Much Sums Up MentalZero

I would brand this with the MentalZero name and use it as an ad, but getting sued sucks.

Posted on 02/25/2010 in Cool
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Posted May 27th, 2012



Posted April 27th, 2011



Posted April 14th, 2011

hey billy bob go get mah pickap truk we have sum derty road kills over tha damn wroad


Posted April 8th, 2011



Posted April 4th, 2011

did ya see stay in the kitchen girls![s::3][s::14]


Posted January 11th, 2011

that's entertainment


Posted March 20th, 2010

I'd fk em both


Posted March 6th, 2010

if it was that good as an advertisement why the fuck has it not been showed in england seing as its an english clip [s::2]


Posted March 1st, 2010

Wow, this was fuckin' hot! And then the steam and smoke came into frame! I love her voice... Mmm...He's right... That does sum up mentalzero.


Posted February 25th, 2010

Still pretty hot.


Posted February 25th, 2010

first i thought this gettin fuckin hot [s::1][s::1]


Posted February 25th, 2010

Stop your whining and take off your top bitch!


Posted February 25th, 2010

[s::3][s::3][s::3]well theres a shocker. a fucken women getting into an accident and killing her bff. she probably was like omg did i like totally just kill my friendster. ironic thing is they were listening 2 ke$ha tik tok song. so that girl died happy.[s::10][s::10][s::10]

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