Girl Gets Brutally Fucked Up from a Wicked Punch

I would feel bad for her, but she probably did something at some point to deserve this. Maybe she laughed at a retard.

Posted on 01/12/2010 in Fights
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Posted June 30th, 2012

good 1 tramp


Posted May 18th, 2012



Posted August 1st, 2011

There would never be a reason


Posted June 5th, 2011

If you're really gonna punch someone really load it up. When she's got her fucking hands behind her back like some asshole, that gives you at least 2 or 3 seconds to really load that punch up and KO her fucking stupid ass. Bitch came to fight, not get talked down to like a kid from a future butch lesbo.


Posted May 25th, 2011

stupid white trash cunts


Posted May 8th, 2011

stay alert next time foo!!!!


Posted April 28th, 2011



Posted April 28th, 2011

Obviously that bitch had a ring on. Bitch.


Posted April 19th, 2011



Posted April 2nd, 2011

HI AMANDA[s::12][s::12]


Posted April 2nd, 2011

nice puch, that bitch got balls unlike illegay[s::14]


Posted March 26th, 2011

niggers and whitey should all die!kill all niggers!kill all whiteys


Posted January 15th, 2011

blondie !!! hahaha


Posted October 8th, 2010

Quick! Someone get the first aid kit and hand me the cleanest wife beater in there!! I thought only Doctors were authorized to use wife beaters on patients. [s::1]


Posted June 26th, 2010



Posted June 25th, 2010

. . .C-c-c-c-ombo Breaker!Jenny wins by Left Hook-ality.


Posted March 5th, 2010

[s::5] fuck sum1 get her a plaster that looks a nasty scratch


Posted February 10th, 2010

If you can't physically destroy someone go for their pockets and fuck them up financially.


Posted January 24th, 2010

This is an easy one, just go to the police with this video and give that other chick some serious jailtime for assault.


Posted January 18th, 2010

black people would have scatteredwhite people are like "OMG! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU JENNY! OMG" "BUT I WAS TRYING TO WALK AWAYYYY!" "OMG!" btw, this is an assault in my book. That girl probably got arrested. You don't sucker punch somebody like that.


Posted January 15th, 2010

I don't understand why white kids go around sayin' "nigga" like they're hard.


Posted January 14th, 2010

I wanna fuck that blonde bitch in her ass!


Posted January 14th, 2010

It may seem like the other girl has a wicked hook, but what you can't see, is the fucking RING on her finger, that would easily dig through flesh and create a lot of bleeding...


Posted January 12th, 2010

sound like an eye popped. great


Posted January 12th, 2010

damn son that biatchhhhhh got fucked up. but she dereves it though. reason is for being stupid. i always say cheap shot or not. you have to be a lert at all times. i do kinda feel bad though for her.

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