Half-Naked Redneck Girl Assaulted At Music Festival

I don't know what's worse: Being humiliated with your panties off, or knowing people can still smell your vagina over the collapsed porta potty 10 feet away.

Posted on 10/03/2010 in Fights
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Posted June 12th, 2012

My ex associates with people like that lol


Posted June 12th, 2011

Setup He Just Stood There


Posted April 12th, 2011



Posted April 6th, 2011



Posted October 8th, 2010

Did they really have to stick around the smelly porto potty the whole time? Even I was getting sick! [s::4]

WhiteDevil Killa

Posted October 7th, 2010

Yuk. Nasty ass cave dwellers. Right where the mutant race belongs rolling around in shit and piss. I don't think there was a whole set of teeth between everyone in the video.

Honky killer

Posted October 6th, 2010

[quote=13504]You must be color blind cause all I saw in the vid was white swine.


Posted October 5th, 2010

omfg who gives a fuck about back ground and shit i just want to see two naked chicks fighting


Posted October 4th, 2010

Classy chics.


Posted October 4th, 2010

why would you ignore the guy trying to kill the other guy with an axe and film this shit?


Posted October 3rd, 2010

Why would you have 2 minutes of that ginger homo trying to narrate? Hey jackass, next time don't confuse yourself with that "bitch x, guy y" bullshit. Just say "chick fight in the toilet."


Posted October 3rd, 2010

[quote=13484]Nah white race is fine. Its only the ones that cohabitate with niggers that turn into shit.[s::1]


Posted October 3rd, 2010

No wonder the white race is turning to shit just look at these people. Its a damm shame


Posted October 3rd, 2010

this sites getting shitier every day


Posted October 3rd, 2010

id still like to know how the fight between the girls broke out. was the naked girl fuckin the other girls bf? cuz we know the naked girls bf beat up the guy she was fuckin


Posted October 3rd, 2010

[quote=13460]WHat gave it away.


Posted October 3rd, 2010

It must be mating season.


Posted October 3rd, 2010

[quote=13439]see I knew you could be friends[s::11]

Honky killer

Posted October 3rd, 2010

Those cunts must be German since they like rolling around in feces like the white swine that they are.


Posted October 3rd, 2010

[quote=13434]Nah, it's like a retarded version of grimjack and Niggas R Monkeys.

Niggers R Monkeys

Posted October 3rd, 2010

only good part was dorkdude rockin his new nose ring at 2:00


Posted October 3rd, 2010

Its a retarded version of Bevis and ButtHead.


Posted October 3rd, 2010

5 Mins of shit. I'd rather sit threw Rick Sanchez's rant on evil jews and racist comedians.

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