Prick Delivers the Bitch Slap From Hell on Some Woman

I'm not a psychologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure this can be traced back to gay sex with his dad. Or maybe his brother. Let me look into that.

Posted on 03/05/2010 in Fights
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Posted August 1st, 2011

oh shiiit!A fucking big slap


Posted May 19th, 2011

he's slapping his girl in public, so you figure he wouldn't dare slap a stranger[s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15][s::15]


Posted May 14th, 2011

[quote=17270]a nigger would kill her[s::6]


Posted April 27th, 2011



Posted November 27th, 2010

The shriek and the fall made it all that more powerful looking! You know he is pro cuz no bottles of Vodka were broken!


Posted November 23rd, 2010

And you wonder why these easy white sluts love a black cock


Posted March 28th, 2010

Dude your a coward hitting a lady.I INVITE you to try and do that to me.youll be eating through a straw


Posted March 6th, 2010

That was so fucking gratifying! The first bitch is walking around wondering where the fuck the truck was that hit her, while the second nosy bitch in the red coat got exactly what she deserved. The guy doing all the talking is telling the slapper that he must learn to "follow thru" and relax his elbow a little more. Excsue me while I go clean myself!


Posted March 6th, 2010

[s::1] lol


Posted March 6th, 2010

Wow, the voice...Instant gratification.Reminds of me the ol' demotivational:"Slap a bitch! Because you too could own this look of satisfaction."


Posted March 5th, 2010

that open hand slap on the women with the red coat, has to be the best slap i have EVER witnessed... all pimps in america now have a role model


Posted March 5th, 2010

Beating women isn't cool,but that shit was frigging hilarious.LMAO

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The Fire Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong for One Idiot

He had a beautiful body. That has got to be one of the fucking stupid assholes of the world. Yeah, sure, you can set yourself on fire and you won't feel a thing.

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