Wicked Punch Leaves Dude Wondering WTF Just Happened

Once he remembers where he lives, everyone is getting de-friended on Facebook.

Posted on 07/26/2010 in Fights
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Posted March 8th, 2012

soft twat


Posted June 21st, 2011

boom fell again


Posted May 17th, 2011

[quote=61255]eat my pussy


Posted May 17th, 2011


Bernard Cribbings

Posted November 20th, 2010

[quote=8631] Think it was "Where's my turnip gone?" but you might be right


Posted July 27th, 2010

Did he just say, where is that tranny blood?


Posted July 26th, 2010

i think people who talk shit after a fight are stupid as hell, yeah.. you already beat him up stop tryin to look cool and tough.


Posted July 26th, 2010

the one in the red top who got sparked out threw punch's like a girl...he deserved it lol


Posted July 26th, 2010

Fighting 101: When throwing a hay-maker, don't lean your fat head back; the return hay-maker will be twice as powerful.

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