Dude Pulls off The World's Most Pathetic Suicide Jump

People were promised a 2 mile swan dive. Instead they were given a half-retarded cannon ball. Thems be grounds for a mother fuckin' refund.

Posted on 01/15/2011 in Funny
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Posted December 28th, 2013

Wow, saddest fucker ever!


Posted June 10th, 2012

They should have kicked the shit out of em when he landed.


Posted July 25th, 2011

oh why don't you guys all just fuck off [s::13]


Posted June 2nd, 2011



Posted June 2nd, 2011

can even do that right, what a dumb ass [s::5]


Posted April 28th, 2011



Posted April 20th, 2011



Posted January 16th, 2011

[quote=23033] no i think that was justified. people like danny need to have their oxygen privelages revoked.


Posted January 16th, 2011

boringI want death and pain, not some faggy sissy boy chickening out at the last moment [s::8]


Posted January 16th, 2011

[quote=22973]Sorry, we don't speak like faggots here.


Posted January 16th, 2011

[quote=23044]he typed died on purpose its this stupid thing like saying pwned instead of owned which I still say was originally a typo


Posted January 15th, 2011

That was such a fail that it belongs on Youtube.


Posted January 15th, 2011

Lololol. What A Fail.

Muslims are Retards

Posted January 15th, 2011

lol if he alive.. and no bones brokes [s::8]


Posted January 15th, 2011

[quote=22973]Pathetic attempt at sarcasm. Did your face feel hot when you saw that you accidentally typed "died" and not "die?" I know what you're thinking, and yes, everybody thinks you're an unfunny douche nozzle.


Posted January 15th, 2011

[quote=22987]FUCK OFF YER SPAZ [s::3][s::3][s::3][s::7][s::7][s::7][s::7][s::8][s::8][s::8][s::8][s::8]


Posted January 15th, 2011

:15 someones calls him a pussy, I agree


Posted January 15th, 2011

Better luck next time. Im sure he will try it again after he gets his medical bill. [s::1]


Posted January 15th, 2011

[quote=22973]Why do you even get to breathe?


Posted January 15th, 2011

[quote=22973] Your joke died a worse death that he did.. FAIL


Posted January 15th, 2011

did he died?


Posted January 15th, 2011

wow... um.... what a fag.


Posted January 15th, 2011

wtf was that?!


Posted January 15th, 2011

If the jump didn't kill him the embarrassment will

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