Girl Can't Hold Her Puke Back on Roller Coaster Ride

Don't worry about her. When Taco Bell is your venue of choice, it's gonna look like that no matter which end it comes out of.

Posted on 10/24/2010 in Funny
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Posted April 19th, 2014

Damn, thiz lookz like lotz of fun!


Posted September 7th, 2011



Posted September 2nd, 2011

She enjoyed the ride [s::1]


Posted August 14th, 2011

I feel bad for that girl and her friends.[s::17]


Posted June 14th, 2011

the slut in white hot pants is so fuckin bangeable[s::3]


Posted June 12th, 2011

jjyes my other pics under w.w.w.fuubo.c.o.m i have MSN


Posted June 3rd, 2011

I told her not to swallow but she insisted.......


Posted May 1st, 2011

Ewww!! But funny too[s::3]


Posted April 17th, 2011



Posted April 12th, 2011



Posted March 26th, 2011

All over her fake blonde hair. Those Corn dogs didnt go down too good. [s::1]


Posted November 15th, 2010

"I knew we shouldn't have invited the fat chick." "I know Timmy, I know." lol


Posted November 1st, 2010

Love the way she starts with a bit of solid, then goes full liquid projectile!


Posted October 26th, 2010

it wasnt the roller coster it was those smilly beaners bside her


Posted October 25th, 2010

Way to ruin the day bitch

get to fuck nigger

Posted October 25th, 2010

[quote=15086]look honkey if your family are backwards inbreads that get off on incest dont mean to say you can tar other people with your brush


Posted October 25th, 2010

food is bad


Posted October 24th, 2010

Why does that Tacohead have Blond hair

Honky killer

Posted October 24th, 2010

[quote=15069]yeah like you're mom after she swallows your uncledaddy's cum.

get to fuck nigger

Posted October 24th, 2010

i know a few of them people hughey lughy and spewy


Posted October 24th, 2010

Thats alot of chocolate milk! She ruined the kid to her lefts experience! I bet when the security bar was raised, people got sprayed on the seats behind her. [s::5]


Posted October 24th, 2010

shes drunk, thats some serious puke


Posted October 24th, 2010

the fat girl always fucks up the fun


Posted October 24th, 2010

I love how she starts laughing after she threw up all over everyone.. What a fat cow..

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Times Square Spider-Man Gets Arrested After Demanding Money of Tourists

Spider Nig Spider nig Everyone hates Spider nig. hates the man Swears alot Arrest that coon On the spot oh ya...everybody hates Spider nig.

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