Chinese Protester Quickly Regrets Setting Himself on Fire

When he sees this video boy is his face going to be red.

Posted on 02/02/2011 in Shocking
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Posted August 15th, 2011

Asian women crying is so annoying.


Posted June 23rd, 2011

there are easier ways to break up with ur gf, wtf. sure she cried, but wtf...


Posted March 18th, 2011



Posted February 11th, 2011

omg that crying bitch is such a drama queen. i mean, he ONLY set himself on fire... gosh! you know, there are other people that have ACTUALLY died in the world. sheesh, calm down!

chilln like a villian

Posted February 5th, 2011

some 1 shuve a dick in the bitchs mouth.


Posted February 3rd, 2011

Wanna see my latest trick? I can turn myself in a nigger!

That White Guy

Posted February 3rd, 2011

fuckin gooks [s::3]

Honky killer

Posted February 2nd, 2011

[quote=25660]Nah. But I bet you smelled his pan fried noodle.


Posted February 2nd, 2011

[quote=25591]And your mom when taking cocks up her ass.


Posted February 2nd, 2011

He was blind and people kept telling him he was a nigger


Posted February 2nd, 2011

[quote=25644] You saved Choko the foreskin.. How sweet.. You learned to share.. And I'm glad that someone other than me posted that Choko is an obbsessive ticker..


Posted February 2nd, 2011

Anyone else smell burning rice?


Posted February 2nd, 2011

[quote=25602]I'll let choko tick you down and I saved you the foreskin I know its your favorite


Posted February 2nd, 2011

the bitch whining was the worst[s::6]


Posted February 2nd, 2011

Fire. I teach you to burn... *dances*


Posted February 2nd, 2011

someone needs to shut that bitch up!


Posted February 2nd, 2011

Someone get Choko and jester the molestor some BBQ sauce. Which one of you 2 gets the thigh and which one gets the cock? I guess you'll have to fight it out amongst yourselves.. [s::9]


Posted February 2nd, 2011

That's going into tonight's General Tsao's chicken, guaranteed.


Posted February 2nd, 2011

nobodyb can wail like a chink bitch in mourning


Posted February 2nd, 2011

No one knows how to self immolate like a Buddhist Monk! This guy chicken out the moment he lit himself. Do it right or go home.

Numb Digger

Posted February 2nd, 2011



Posted February 2nd, 2011

shit loads of whiny bullshit.

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