Protester Gets Shot Dead in the Streets by Egyptian Central Security Forces

Super slow drive-by shootings are all the rage in Egypt these days.

Posted on 07/04/2013 in Shocking
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Posted July 17th, 2013



Posted July 8th, 2013

Then the people rush to go check his wallet and take off his Jordans and jewelry...


Posted July 8th, 2013

wow froxy one


Posted July 7th, 2013

i think this is inhumanity

middle eastern

Posted July 6th, 2013

if people are getting shot by the police point blank like this without trial what more is happening there right now ?


Posted July 6th, 2013

Just the one shot dead? Shame as there were many more left.


Posted July 5th, 2013

he was a filthy muslim.....thank God the egyptians rose up and threw out the goat fucking allahfags


Posted July 5th, 2013

that guy was probably on his way to get some camel milk


Posted July 5th, 2013

GTA style!

Mr. Pizzoff

Posted July 5th, 2013

wow ... he wasn't even touching the car

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Little fucker survived though...she needs to try harder next time.

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