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Villagers In India Fall Victim To Wild Leopard Attack

Lack of women and many open bleeding wounds may lead you to believe this is an Indian wedding, but don't be fooled.

Posted on 12/27/2010 in Shocking
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Posted June 10th, 2012

They armed themselves with sticks, yeah the stick, the great equalizer.


Posted November 24th, 2011

Oh [s::5]


Posted September 9th, 2011

asshole [s::13]


Posted April 5th, 2011

stupid pakis[s::14]


Posted January 12th, 2011

I did of course mean Leopard,I am not certain of it`s name so assuming it was Leonard was a little presumptuous![s::9][s::9][s::8][s::1]


Posted January 12th, 2011

Fucking brilliant ! I didn`t manage to get a proper head count, but I`d say several to the Leonard and nil to the natives, [s::8][s::9][s::9]


Posted January 3rd, 2011

if Indians didnt breed like rabits there would be space for them and the leopards.[s::4]


Posted December 28th, 2010

At first i thought it was about a guy getting fucked by a dog.


Posted December 27th, 2010

Reminds me of a documentary I saw about cavemen.


Posted December 27th, 2010

3rd world niggers deserve to die, retarded fucks


Posted December 27th, 2010

i want to fight that beast, no weapons, just UFC a man, i know i copuld put that CAT in a kimura then itts all done , if anyone wants to watch free UFC go to then click chatroom,i have links every saturday for UFC.


Posted December 27th, 2010

Those people look . . . . . smelly. Leopard probably didnt eat them cuz he would rather eat sh!t. [s::3]


Posted December 27th, 2010

that was indian stupid[s::1]


Posted December 27th, 2010

Damn it!!! I wish they were black, I had some good jokes for this one.. Grrrrr.. Oh well [s::6]


Posted December 27th, 2010

have they ever heard of a fucking gun, caveman retarded indian weirdo mother fuckers.

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