Disgusting Granny Does the Unthinkable on the Street

Suddenly, I feel strong support for euthanasia.

Posted on 03/24/2010 in Strange
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Posted May 27th, 2012

She could have wiped ?


Posted March 11th, 2012

If you get old and start behaving like this, you either need to stay inside or kill yourself. This is not acceptable.


Posted August 1st, 2011

but this cant be stopped onward


Posted July 5th, 2011



Posted May 20th, 2011

if u have to shit, then shit. fuck it. their are going to talk shit anyways.


Posted March 15th, 2011

hey thats my gram!

Oboy Blend

Posted March 14th, 2011

this makes me want to kill people


Posted February 13th, 2011

Fucking brits


Posted May 26th, 2010

she didnt get it all out there was a dangleberry still atached to her wrinkly old ass


Posted April 9th, 2010

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


Posted April 4th, 2010

she didnt even wipe[s::5][s::5]


Posted April 3rd, 2010

[s::3][s::3][s::3]ah let her be. shes old, look at her she old <<< (classic happy gilmore line)[s::10][s::10][s::10]

sleazy p. martini

Posted March 28th, 2010

could have at least picked it up. dog owners get fined for that


Posted March 27th, 2010

What ya want her to do? It's not like she can move very fast... Or hold it.


Posted March 26th, 2010

[quote=4304]wow, ruined my appetite. :(


Posted March 24th, 2010

i came[s::7]


Posted March 24th, 2010

The person filming it is much worse.[s::10]The old lady at least had the good sense of not doing it on their pants,but someone filming another person taking a dump is just twisted.[s::1]


Posted March 24th, 2010

dirty old bitch[s::5]

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Poor Man Gets Stuck Under a Train

Hey, this looks like lots of fun!

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