Dude Spends The Day Sharking The Hottest Asian Teens

From the outside this looks your average sexual assault on Japanese girls. But that all changes at the 1:05 mark when he pulls off the rare double-fisted-belly-flop. Now that's talent.

Posted on 09/12/2010 in Strange
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Posted April 5th, 2012

this must be fake.. like wtf all of them dont wear panties? nooo its just cant be


Posted January 16th, 2012

besides from the bushes, damn they got hot chicks over there


Posted November 24th, 2011

Fake but yea who cares ^^[s::12]


Posted September 11th, 2011

Oh well-too furry for my liking


Posted August 16th, 2011

thats what they get for not whearing panties UNDER A FUCKING DRESS! come on girls this is an evening out in the town not an evening at your uncles house........dam.


Posted August 14th, 2011

Note to self. Japanese girls don't wear panties.


Posted July 24th, 2011



Posted July 9th, 2011



Posted May 24th, 2011

this whole scenario that caused recent tsunami...[s::5]


Posted May 14th, 2011



Posted April 26th, 2011

they have no panties in japan?[s::2]


Posted April 20th, 2011

LOL pancake ass


Posted April 4th, 2011

fake but funny[s::14]


Posted February 24th, 2011

i'm gonna move to japan.


Posted February 11th, 2011

Wäre interessant zu wissen ob es in Japan keine Damenslips gibtoder die Japanerinnen an für sich keine tragen?Aber ehrlich gesagt ist es sehr,sehr unwahrscheinlich!!!


Posted January 22nd, 2011

DONT HAVE THEIR COLALES Damn!!![s::1][s::1]


Posted September 18th, 2010

aint they suppose to know some karate or something and kick this dude in the ear?


Posted September 17th, 2010

i just found out the nxt vid from theas giys is gona b called rape and excape [s::1][s::1][s::1]


Posted September 17th, 2010

lmao to finesh that off they should give a lil slap to the ass as they run away [s::3] [s::1]


Posted September 16th, 2010

[quote=11556]1 guy 1 jar is pretty fucked up but it looks fake at the end


Posted September 16th, 2010



Posted September 13th, 2010

[quote=11621]call me sir


Posted September 13th, 2010

[quote=11528]you can can me sir[s::3]


Posted September 13th, 2010

[quote=11537]try one guy one jar that one tops the charts never seen anything like it[s::4]


Posted September 12th, 2010

[quote=11537]You had to go there didn't you.


Posted September 12th, 2010

[quote=11536]2 girls 1 cup google it [s::2]some good asian shit on there [s::5]

Barry Neuwirth

Posted September 12th, 2010

People say it's fake because of the lack of panties....well let me educate you on the lifestyle of most Asian countries. Their toilets are not the sit down type. They are just holes in the floor in which they piss and shit. They lift up THEIR OWN skirts, squat, and do their thing. Panties just get in the way, and slow them down, especially if there is a long line of women wanting to use the public restroom.


Posted September 12th, 2010

Well, that confirms the myth that no-one in Asia wears panties...


Posted September 12th, 2010



Posted September 12th, 2010

[quote=11492]exellent point my dear man what is this the seventies. but you would think they would mow the lawn for this video too. oh and Thus I should have told you before now but your body was given life from the midst of my scrotum...... because I'm your dad[s::5]

dork dude

Posted September 12th, 2010



Posted September 12th, 2010

Fake. This must be some sort of silly Jap fetish, because real chicks don't go commando without shaving the bush real nice.


Posted September 12th, 2010

Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase "Form is emptiness." That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase "Emptiness is form." One should not think that these are two separate things.


Posted September 12th, 2010

[quote=11467]must be fake they seem to ignore the camera on purpose[s::4]


Posted September 12th, 2010

Fake? I got to say its fake. Or there is a real lack of panties in japan.

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