Strange Chick Enjoys Being Kicked In The Pussy

Silly girls, this doesn't work. You're supposed to use a hanger.

Posted on 05/25/2010 in Strange
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Posted November 30th, 2012


Posted August 4th, 2011

this shit made me hard.[s::8]


Posted July 29th, 2011



Posted July 23rd, 2011

Russian abortion technique.


Posted May 5th, 2011

fap fap fap[s::1]


Posted March 19th, 2011

no wonder hitler didn't consider slavs to be white.


Posted December 27th, 2010

Translation: this is how we start the abortion process in chechnya.


Posted December 16th, 2010

Wtf somebody traslate pls why s she hitting her pussy [s::2]


Posted October 8th, 2010

That chick's foot must smell like squashed fish.


Posted August 9th, 2010

O.K so that`s the Tampon firmly in place! shouldn`t be any leaks now!!![s::1]


Posted July 6th, 2010

nice butt [s::8][s::10]


Posted May 31st, 2010



Posted May 26th, 2010



Posted May 25th, 2010

Nice butt, anyway.


Posted May 25th, 2010

Holy shit, that's hot! That chick in the panties is gonna be one hell of an evil dominatrix. Awesome vid, love live whatever eastern block shit-hole country this came from.


Posted May 25th, 2010

i shot my goo twice watching that


Posted May 25th, 2010

thats some mad fetish and i bet they were fucking when camera stoped filming


Posted May 25th, 2010

wow thats kinky

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