Stripping Random Women In Public Is The New Japanese Sport

I filed this one under strange. Had any sudden breaches of the vaginal lips happened via construction equipment I would have opted for shocking, or maybe cool.

Posted on 06/25/2010 in Strange
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Posted May 30th, 2012

Waist of time ... don't watch.


Posted September 26th, 2011

That was sharking, practised by japanese 20


Posted August 15th, 2011

pussy chinks Don't finish what they started! [s::19]


Posted July 29th, 2011

sack [s::14]


Posted June 16th, 2011



Posted May 25th, 2011



Posted April 27th, 2011



Posted March 8th, 2011

That doesnt seem the phase them much... maybe i should go to Japan[s::10]


Posted December 31st, 2010

f.yes this is a free chatroom under w.w.w.supondo.c.o.m

Just Passing Through

Posted June 26th, 2010

This is so fake! Notice the subtle smile the women give just before they get attacked. [s::8]


Posted June 25th, 2010

carlosnj74 is rite its a fakei wonder how these flat faced spicks pick ppl out on an identaty line up [s::8]


Posted June 25th, 2010

I like how they don't scream. This video might be fake, but it's certainly hot.


Posted June 25th, 2010



Posted June 25th, 2010

[s::1] no harm no foul [s::3]


Posted June 25th, 2010

Those wacky japanese.

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